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by Mike Halvorson on Midian Roofing
Midian Roofing

For all projects over $500K the US Army Corps. is required to complete a Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPARS). This evaluation is entered into a central database that allows all Government Agencies to access. Agencies routinely use this database to assess a contractor’s abilities to perform work and is used when evaluating contractor selection for new projects / contracts.
The Charleston Corp. complete their evaluation on the Bldg 1639 and 1647 Roof project. They rated the project overall as Exceptional (the highest rating you can get). Category ratings were:
Quality: Exceptional
Schedule: Satisfactory
Cost Control: Exceptional
Management: Exceptional
Regulatory Compliance: Exceptional
We wanted to share this exceptional rating with you as you were an integral part of the success of the project. In addition to the rating the Corps. made specific comment about Midian’s performance, they were:
Thank you for an excellent project and we look forward to many more.
Mike Halvorson, LEED AP
Regional Operations Manager
Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
702 C City Center Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23606

by Bill and J. C. on Midian Roofing
roof looks great

I appreciate that Midian Roofing is local, has a long standing history in this area, and would be back if we ever needed them again. They looked and were very professional. We received 4 other roofing bids, and they were the only company to provide proof of insurance at the time of bid. They were not the cheapest or the highest in price (sometimes you really do get what you pay for). They removed the old roof (4 layers in some places and deteriorated decking, which the company took pictures of prior to removing), and there wasn't any trash or nails left in the yard that we could find. Roofing crew went over the yard several times with a fine tooth comb. They did what they said they would do, were very efficient, roof looks great, and we are very pleased. We would definitely use Midian Roofing again and recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Midian, for such a great job!

by Bill on Midian Roofing

Just had new roof installed. Midian did a great job and the crew was very professional. I would highly recommend Midian for your new roof!

by CH Keefer on Midian Roofing

I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful reception I got when I met with the appraiser for Midian Roofing. When the crew showed up to put my roof on, they were polite, focused, and extremely quiet (yes, there was the banging of the shovels and nail guns, but no shouting and loud noise like music blaring from the trucks). The men worked diligently the whole time they were on my property and cleaned up beautifully. The one thing I would suggest to the company is that if a representative makes an appointment to meet with the customer and finds he is unable to keep the appointment, someone needs to call to let the customer know they are not coming. But the men have worked hard to please me in every way and work with my requests and suggestions in a gracious manner.

by Bart on Midian Roofing
Midian Roofing

Midian Roofing,Many thanks for your wonderful customer service and a job well done. You have proven to be an outstanding roofing company that comes through when needed. I would also like to say a kind word about your crew. They are very professional and dependable.Thank you again.

by Harriette on Midian Roofing
Midian Roofing

Thanks for making the roof project so easy for me! I did find the original invoice to go with my paperwork-- just needed some time to sit with my files. I want you to know that this crew is excellent! I hate that the heat has been so intense- these guys have tolerated a lot! And they have been very professional and courteous. They certainly deserve some recognition.Please let me know if I can ever help you with any promotional apparel or merchandise.Thanks!!

by Rita Lawler on Midian Roofing
Midian Roofing

First of all, please share with Terry and the man with him that Sr. Angela loves the Mercy lettering on the brick. It looks wonderful and placement was very expert. I was so pleased it could be completed before she came for a visit today.Second, I am in the process of obtaining information regarding insurance, and once I have that, I will try to schedule a meeting for you and the insurance representative to meet regarding the gym roof. I have relayed your reporting so far to risk manager.The eave and fascia also look very good now. Wish I had realized that old antenna of whatever type should have come down before first coat, but it truly did need two. Looks much better now and gives the whole building a better look from the side and back. Please thank the painter and carpenter for their work.Thank you for your assistance for this project,

by Norman S. on Midian Roofing
Midian Roofing

After experiencing roof damage caused by hail during the spring storm of 2011, I contacted several roofing companies to assess my damage and to provide quotations for a complete new roof. Of the companies that responded, Midian Roofing was by far the most responsive, most knowledgeable and most helpful. Their display of their samples and explanation of each product was most helpful. Their quotation was also very competitive. I selected them to do my work, and I could not have made a better decision. They fulfilled every promise made in record time. I recommend this company without hesitation.