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Meeting Your Roofing Needs

A Letter From The President

Consider it a blessing that it is not often that you need to talk with a roofing contractor, because roofing can be an expensive project. So, when you do need to talk with one, here are some facts to consider.

Whether you are working on a new project, or re-roofing an existing structure, there are many choices of materials, also many choices of roofing contractors.

While you may not be knowledgeable in roofing, ask to see samples of the materials to be used. There are different materials, grades, colors and styles; and therefore, many different price ranges. So, ask questions and get knowledgeable!

Keep in mind that the most critical element is GOOD WORKMANSHIP, so your selection of a contractor is of the utmost importance. Choose a licensed company with a good reputation in the community. Ask them for references, proof of insurance, what types of roofing they recommend and why. If it is an existing structure, ask if the old roof comes off. Get specific start and end dates, and get it in writing. No reputable contractor will be offended if you ask for this information.

Be sure to understand the warranty’s coverage – and if the warranty is transferable (a definite plus if you plan to sell soon). The warranty, however, is only as good as the contractor. Most of all, don’t let a “low bid” be the deciding factor in your decision. It’s great if that happens to be a part of the deal, but quality installation at a fair price should be your utmost goal.

One last note, regrettably, approximately 80 percent of all roofing contractors are out of business in less than two and a half years – so what good is a 20 year warranty when you can’t find your contractor in case of problems? I have over 25 years of experience and can furnish references from MANY LOCAL FIRMS and residential customers.

Midian Roofing will appreciate the opportunity to bid on your project.

T.K. Hamilton

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