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Job Opportunities

Find A Job With A Roofing Company

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Are you tired of the way your employer is treating you? Are you tired of your work environment? Call Midian Roofing!

Are you tired of riding around in the truck and not getting paid? Are you tired of waiting on the boss to get materials? Call Midian Roofing!

We are a drug free work environment, we take out taxes, we offer work uniforms after 3 months, and we offer paid vacations after 1 year.  If we run out of work we have unemployment benefits if you have put in the hours.  We are also a growing roofing company with room for you to move up in the company.

We are not just looking for anybody- we are looking for experienced roofers.  So don’t inquire unless you have at least 3 years of roofing experience.

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Thank you for considering Midian Roofing, Inc. as your next employer.

Commercial Roofers:

Must have a working knowledge of most commercial roof systems.
Qualifications include but are not limited to the following:

      • Minimum 3 years experience in commercial roofing systems
      • Willing to work flexible hours – “on call” possible nights, weekends, and/or holidays
      • Able to tolerate extreme weather conditions
      • Physically capable of heavy lifting, climbing ladders, etc.
      • Hard worker
      • Team player
      • Must have transportation to Midian Roofing

Commercial Foreman:

Will work under Commercial Superintendent. Responsible for crew and bringing jobs in on time and within budget.
Qualifications to include all items listed above for commercial roofers and the following:

    • Minimum 5 years experience in all commercial roofing systems
    • Full knowledge of all commercial roof systems
    • Leadership skills
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Know safety regulations (OSHA etc.)
    • Bilingual is a plus but not necessary
    • Drivers License is a plus

Commercial Estimator or Sales:

Will work under lead commercial estimator. Will price jobs and must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
Qualifications include but are not limited to the following:

    • Experience with Edge Estimating Program
    • FULL knowledge of all commercial roofing systems
    • Familiar with manufacturer’s specifications
    • Ability to read blueprints and “complete job take-offs”
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Detail-oriented and organized