How Does Ice Affect Rain Gutters? | Midian Roofing

Rain Gutters

Weather can affect all areas of your home, which is why so many different protective features are built into it, including well-maintained roofing, fire-safe landscaping, and rain gutters. Rain gutters help protect your home’s walls and foundation from water damage by drawing the water away from the home and keeping it from pooling at the base. These often-forgotten home protectors do a very important job, which is why their upkeep is important.

Most people are familiar with the need to keep rain gutters clean and cleared of leaves and other debris so that the water can flow freely down the spout and away from the home instead of spilling over the edge of the gutter. But, some might wonder how these rain gutters are affected by elements besides the rain. What about ice?

In the Carolinas, we occasionally get ice storms during the winter where fine layers of ice coat most everything outside. Luckily, we generally don’t get too much snow that could impact your gutters. A little bit of snow or ice won’t hurt your rain gutters. What can cause a problem is when there is too much buildup and weight inside the gutter to the point where these materials disrupt flow and weigh down the rain gutters themselves.  This only tends to happen when debris has not been cleaned from the rain gutter and has built up inside. Then, when the ice comes, the debris is also coated in ice, which adds on weight and blocks the flow of the water created by the melting snow or ice on your roof.

Most gutters will be just fine through a regular winter’s bit of ice and snow and rain. As long as you’ve been good about keeping your rain gutters cleaned out a few times a year, you should have nothing to worry about.