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How to Determine if You Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

You want your roof to be watertight and free of damage from weather, water, algae, and other elements. If you’ve noticed your roof is looking a little below par, your biggest question could be whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement. The answer to this question can come from asking a few more questions.

  • What is the condition of your roof? Look at your roof. Does it have any spots that are visibly worn or places where you can see holes? If the affected areas are small, you may need a roof repair. If they are larger, a roof replacement may be warranted.
  • Is there any water damage inside of your business? Water damage visible on the ceilings or walls of your business is a certain indicator your roof has something going on that needs attention. Roof repair could solve the problem quickly and easily if the source is a small problem, so observing your ceiling and walls periodically is a good idea. Of course, if there’s a lot of water damage, chances are high that you’ll need a roof replacement.
  • How old is your roof? Regardless of how high quality your roof was when you first got it installed, with age, every roof will need some attention. Roof repair is cheaper than roof replacement, so routine maintenance can help to prevent the need for a costly new roof. If routine maintenance hasn’t been done, having an inspection done can help to determine its current condition.

Ultimately, determining whether you need a roof repair or replacement can be determined by having us come to do an inspection of your roof. When you contact us, we will inspect your roof and provide you with a written estimate that shows the cost and time frame for the work to be done.