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Waking up to extensive hail damage on your building’s roof can easily ruin your day. But if you’re like most savvy commercial building owners, your building is insured against such, meaning you won’t pay out of pocket for the repairs needed. While this will come as a huge relief to you, it’s also important to have an idea of all the steps involved in making hail damage claims.

Steps to Follow When Making Hail Damage Claims

Read this guide to learn more about the process for hail damage claims.

  1. Document the Damage. The first step when making hail damage claims is to record your damage. Take photos, record videos, and write down points of interest regarding the nature of the hail damage.
  2. File an Insurance Claim. The next step is to inform your insurer of the damage and request a payout to cover the necessary repairs. You may be required to submit evidence, which is why the first step is important.
  3. Get an Estimate. Once the insurer has acknowledged your claim, contact a roofing contractor near you. Request a written estimate from them to give you a rough idea of how much the repairs will cost.
  4. Talk to Your Insurance Adjuster. An insurance adjuster will visit your building to assess the hail damage and the associated repair costs. Ensure the adjuster’s estimated payout can cover your roofing contractor’s estimate.
  5. Receive your Payout. If you and your insurer are in agreement on the total repair costs, they will release the payout, so you can have professionals start on the repairs.

Many roofing contractors can help with the insurance claims process, so you can contact a roofer to help coordinate with your insurance company if needed. Our team at Midian Roofing is well versed in handling insurance claims, so we are happy to assist with this if you would like. We want you to get the benefits you are entitled to and can help provide all the information your insurance company needs related to your claim.