What to Know When Choosing Your Flat Commercial Roofing | Midian Roofing

Flat Commercial Roofs in Fort Mill, South Carolina

What you can use on a traditional, angled or pitched roof is different than what can be used on a flat roof.  Materials such as clay tiles or shingles can be fitted together well to help shed water off your roof and down into your gutters and rain spouts, thus protecting the interior and exterior of your home from water damage.  However, with a flat roof, the game changes.  You still need to protect the interior of your building, but what type of covering will work best for your flat commercial roofing to keep the water out?

At Midian Roofing, we specialize in two types of flat commercial roofing, or roofing for buildings with little to no pitch (angle): PVC flat roofs and white reflective TPO roofs.   These are two of the most common and popular flat commercial roofing types because of their effectiveness and durability.

PVC roofing has been among the most popular of commercial flat roofing styles for some time, and thus for many, its tried-and-tested effectiveness makes it appealing. However, white reflective TPO roofing has been increasing in popularity recently due to its energy efficiency and cost, as well as improvements in technology and proven durability.  Both are single-ply roofing membranes, and both feature welded seams that are strong and effective at creating an incredibly sealed rooftop.

The white reflective TPO roofing is energy efficient and combines the effectiveness of rubber and the durability of PVC, with its flexible membrane making it highly resistant to punctures or damage from debris.  This stuff can weather the storm and keep your roof water-tight.  Weather testing has shown TPO to be extremely durable and long-lasting even in extreme heat conditions, and indeed we have found it to hold up better than PVC.   However, PVC roofs are also incredibly durable and have a slightly better resistance to chemicals compared to TPO roofs.  This can be especially helpful if you have a restaurant and there may be a proclivity for oils or grease to ever get to the roof (such as through a grease trap).

Whichever flat commercial roofing you choose, know that we have you covered at Midian Roofing.  We can help you make an informed decision of what is best for your business.