When is it Time to Replace Your Rain Gutters? | Midian Roofing

Rain Gutters in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Rain gutters:  those unassuming parts of our homes that do so much good and yet so often get overlooked.  Rain gutters help move water away from your home’s foundation, can help with stabilizing soil around the home, and help prevent a myriad of maladies to your home and landscaping.  Since gutters have such an important job, it can be important for us to be aware of signs of damage and to know when our rain gutters and downspouts might finally be in need of replacing.  Here are a few things to look for to help you know when it might be time to replace your rain gutters.

One sign that your gutters may no longer be doing their job is when you see peeling exterior paint on your home or find mold in your basements around exterior walls.  These can be signs that your gutters are leaking and not doing their jobs properly.

Another thing to look for is sagging gutters, or gaps between the gutters.  Your rain gutters should be connecting in one continuous line without any breaks, gaps, or holes beyond the downspout.  Any sagging or gapping means the gutter is not going to be doing its job protecting your home, and thus a gutter repair or replacement is necessary.  Sometimes this can be as simple as applying new fasteners.  However, this may also be a sign that the fascia boards around your home are rotting.  It is important to have both items checked to be sure the gutters can do their job.

Some obvious signs of a needed replacement can be found in rust, holes, and cracks in your rain gutter system.  These will certainly limit the gutters’ ability to do what they are intended for, as water will leak through and not be led away from your home.  Such leaks can become costly to your home, so getting these problems fixed as soon as possible is important.

Another thing you can look for are water channels or puddles that are consistently forming in your landscaping around your home after a rainfall.  These can be signs of leaks or improperly functioning rain gutters.

Finally, if you have any questions about your rain gutters, you can call us Midian Roofing, and we will be glad to help make sure your gutters are performing at their optimal ability to protect and service your home for years to come.