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When it comes to roofing construction, two things are hard to miss: pitched residential roofs and flat commercial roofs. The latter is especially true, considering it’s rare to see a commercial building with pitched roofing.

Why are Flat Commercial Roofs So Popular?

There are several reasons why commercial buildings most often have flat roofs, including the following:

  • Practical. Installing a flat commercial roof is generally much easier than a pitched one. Commercial buildings are much larger than homes, making pitched roofs more difficult and riskier to construct. Additionally, flat roofs require fewer construction materials, making them a more sensible investment in building costs.
  • Convenient. Commercial buildings need to maximize space for offices, showrooms, machinery, parking, and other production activities. As such, they need other places to house complementary services like HVAC units. Flat commercial roofs offer an excellent storage solution for these components and remove the need to store them outside commercial buildings or mount them to the walls, which would be expensive and inconvenient.
  • Energy friendly. Another great thing about flat commercial roofs is that they can utilize highly reflective materials – like PVC and white reflective TPO – which divert heat and reflect UV rays away from your building. This will keep the interior spaces of your commercial building cooler, reducing your overall AC costs during the hot summer months.

These are just a few reasons why flat commercial roofs are an excellent investment for your building. If you’d like to learn more about our commercial roofing solutions at Midian Roofing, our certified professionals are at your service. Get in touch with us today.