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by Helen K. on Midian Roofing

This company has now put roofs on two of my buildings. The workers do a great job, are as quiet as possible, clean up and put things back around the buildings as they found them. I came out once and observed them covering up bushes behind one building and thought "those are weeds," yet they didn't want to do any damage to plants around the building. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs roofing work.

by Joyce B. on Midian Roofing

They did a very good job. The workers were very polite and puncial.

by Melissa K. on Midian Roofing

Midian Roofing has come twice to fix problems with our roof. Everyone from the office staff to the repairmen have been courteous, prompt and professional.

by Roy U. on Midian Roofing

I have used this company on two different occasions, and they have done a great job. I did have a leak on one of the projects, but they immediately came out and fixed the problem without hesitation, I will continue to use Midian Roofing in the future and highly recommend this company.

by David B. on Midian Roofing

I noticed some nail heads were popping up on my roof, so I requested Median Roofing to inspect my roof, which they offered to do for free. Lyle Morris contacted me and did an inspection fairly quickly and said it looked good except for a few minor issues. He said I could fix it myself, but since I'm not an experienced roof walker, I opted to let the professionals repair my roof. They did a great job and even took my satellite dish down at my request. Lyle and his guys did a great job. I highly recommend Midian Roofing.

by Troy M. on Midian Roofing

We were pleased with Midian Roofing from our initial assessment and engagement to the completed work. My mother was pleased with how Mr. Rose introduced the company, identifying our need and defining the scope of work that was appropriate to the condition of our roof. From start to finish, the company defined a group of parties from project manager to site manager, supervisor, and the third party reviewed. The workers were very considerate and left our property as clean or cleaner than before. Again, Mr. Rose followed up to assure we were satisfied with the work, and we were pleased to indicate that his engagement exceeded our expectations.

by Sidney Lipkin on Midian Roofing

Dear Everyone:

I had the misfortune of listing to the email that came around in 2009/2010 - which I believe was the year we had the big hail storm that did so much damage to a good number of roofs and siding. I used the builder’s recommended roofer “Alpha Omega” and since then had nothing but continued roof leaks and other problems – way too numerous to mention.

Since then, one thing I found out is that there is a design flaw in the Willow Bend Roofs. It is at the area (looking at the house) on the right side, where the peek entrance area roof meets the garage roof. Sometimes it appears as a leak in the garage – but most times, it does not and continues to leak till it rots out the wood in that area. The only way to find it is to go up into the attic area over the garage and over to that corner area and look very carefully. It is a small leak and takes a good number of years to manifest itself.

It was found for me by the New Roofer I am using to have my roof replaced – Midian Roofing, 310 Tom Hall Street, Fort Mill, SC 29715 803-547-5887 The gentleman that came was Maynard Miller 850-974-3211. He went up on the roof, fixed my leak problem (for the moment) and took pictures to show me what Alpha Omega’s roofers did. The over-shot all the nails which causes the shingles to eventually lift or give way ( which is what happened to me ). The also used inferior products and did not install the roof correctly.

Midian Roofing came recommended to me by Karen from Springs Insurance (thank you Karen). Maynard was so easy to deal with, price is more than reasonable for an Architectural Shingled Roof that will outlast me. And the references they gave me, that I called, said that they were the most honest people that they ever dealt with. I also looked them up on BBB and there were no complaints. So I highly recommend them if you need a roofer.

I called 6 different well know roofing companies and they would only send out a sales person. Some of their prices were ridiculous for the same type and quality of product roofing. By the way, his pricing on changing my gutters and downspouts from 4” to 6” is also very reasonable.

If you need a roof repair or an examination or a new roof – call Maynard and tell him I recommended him. Also tell him to give you my referral bonus and take it off your bill…..I don’t need it or want it.


Sidney Lipkin

Feel Free to Forward this email to others. Especially about the roof design flaw in the Willow Bend Units.

by Ronnie Addis on Midian Roofing
Excellent Company

We are more than pleased with the quality of work and professionalism by Midian and their employees. Our roof was replaced in a timely fashion with attention to details and also keeping us informed about all aspects of the job.

James Justice is a professional roofer and work planner, not just a salesman. He gave us a fair and accurate estimate that was lower than competitors, but better in the areas of quality, warranty, and proof of liability coverages.

I would recommend both him, and Midian, the company he represents, for any and all of your roofing needs.

Thank you for a job well done to the work crew also. You work hard, fast, and with excellent quality!

by Ben Hansard on Midian Roofing

Very professional, excellent communication, timely, great work--I will definitely use Midian again and I am most confident to recommend to others!

by Ronnie & Becky Addis on Midian Roofing

> Our home needed a new roof due to wind and hail damage. Midian exceeded my expectations! James Justice gave us a quick and accurate estimate. Bruce Rife and his crew did the roof replacement in less than 2 days including the cleanup. The Atlas architectural shingle system looks great! The final invoice was less than the original estimate, and the entire experience was stress free and so easy. Their honesty, experience and professionalism make Midian your best choice for any roofing need!

> reviews from Ronnie & Becky Addis, [email protected] (zip code: 30747) on 03/01/2019 Business Comment:

> Thank you so much for taking the time to say something so kind to us. It is not everyday that a person thinks about someone else and goes out of there way to lift up others. We strive to do the same and once again Thank you!!

> comment from Business on 03/05/2019

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