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Commercial Roofing, Rome, GA

With commercial roofing, you can choose from single-ply or multi-ply, along with just a handful of other options in Rome.

Commercial Roofing in Rome, GA
At first glance, a roof on a commercial building might look similar to the one used on your home or the house down the street. But there are actually several major differences, and not all commercial roofing products are created equally. Some have more extensive warranties and offer better protection against damage in the event of a storm or other natural disaster. Commercial buildings are also shaped very differently than residential homes, requiring roofing that is completely flat or only slightly sloped. A flat roof must be inspected more frequently for signs of damage, since a larger building could have a heavier load of snow on its roof during the winter.

There are also fewer options for materials available on commercial roofing jobs. If you have ever had the roof replaced on your house, you know that you can choose from tile, shingles, and more, and each category of materials has its own subcategory of options. You can easily get lost in a sea of choices, unsure whether fiberglass or organic shingles are better, and which of the colors to select. But with commercial roofing, you can choose from single-ply or multi-ply, along with just a handful of other options.

At Midian Roofing, we offer commercial roofing services to customers in and near Rome, Georgia. We specialize in this area of the industry, so we can answer your questions and provide you with a new roof that transforms the look of your building while improving the way you protect the interior.

At Midian Roofing, we offer commercial roofing services in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina; Charlotte, Pineville, and South Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; Rome, Atlanta, Athens, Calhoun, Dalton, and Summerville, Georgia; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Anniston and Birmingham, Alabama.

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