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Advantages of PVC Flat Roofs

A great option for you to consider for your commercial building is a PVC flat roof. This type of roof is very popular and for good reason. Below we will discuss the advantages of installing a PVC flat roof.

  • Durability – The thing that sets PVC flat roofs apart from other roof options is the durability of hot air welded seams. These seams make the roof impenetrable to moisture.
  • Fire resistance – PVC flat roofs have a superior fire-resistance rating. PVC is not easy to ignite and will extinguish itself when the fire source is mitigated.
  • Wind resistant – Because PVC flat roofs are so incredibly durable, they hold up exceptionally well to high winds.
  • Strength – The minimum breaking point for roofing membranes is 200 pounds per inch. The breaking point for PVC is 350 pounds per inch. The incredible strength of PVC flat roofs is one of the main selling points, and one of the reasons they are so popular.
  • Impermeable – PVC is made to be watertight. Water, chemicals, fungi, and bacteria are unable to penetrate the membranes of PVC.
  • Environmentally friendly – PVC flat roofs reflect solar energy away from the building, allowing for lower air conditioning workloads.

If you are in the market for a new commercial roof, we highly recommend considering a PVC flat roof. Here at Midian Roofing, we know that you will enjoy the many benefits of a PVC flat roof now and for decades to come.