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At Midian Roofing, one of the most frequent questions we get from both our residential and commercial customers is how long their roof will last so they can plan for the next roofing replacement. Your best bet is having us inspect your roof to give you the most accurate recommendation, but here are a few tips that can give you a general idea.
How Often is Roofing Replacement Recommended?

  • Good, Better, Best Materials: The material used for your roof is a huge factor in how soon you will need roofing replacement. As a general rule of thumb, roofing lasts between 15 and 50+ years. In order of typical longevity (from shortest to longest): asphalt, laminate, wood, metal, clay.
  • Effectiveness of Ventilation: To enjoy the longest life from any type of roofing, be sure that there is the right amount of ventilation to avoid ice dams and moisture issues.
  • Effects of Heat: The hotter the summer conditions in your climate, the more potential for your roof to suffer. The darker the color of your roof, the more it is prone to sun damage because darker colors absorb the heat more.
  • Effects of Cold: Winter is hard on roofing, especially if there are constant freeze-thaw cycles that lead to ice dam situations.
  • Effects of Humidity: It doesn’t matter if it is snow, rain, sleet, or hail. Precipitation is one of the worst enemies that can cause premature roofing replacement. While there isn’t anything you can do to control the weather, be sure to keep up with inspections when there are years with extra precipitation.
  • Effects of Trees: Trees are a big contributor to premature roofing replacement, even while being advantageous in some ways. While shade can lessen the effects of heat, it also makes it more challenging for the roof to dry out after storms, and the debris can damage the roof.
  • Effects of Pitch: The slope of the roof affects how well precipitation is shed, but you also need to be sure there aren’t any areas where water pools.
  • Maintenance: Your roof is not something you can have installed and then forget about it. If you want it to last its longest and keep the warranty in effect, regular maintenance is important.