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preparing for roofing installation

When you need a new roof, finding a reliable roofing company can seem like the hardest part of the process! However, preparing for the roofing installation can be a challenge as well. Here at Midian Roofing, we want to share some of our tips for preparing for roofing installation in order to make your roofing installation a smoother and more efficient process.

In order to get to your roof, your roofers will need easy access to areas where they can access your roof. This can be anything from the side of your home to an area of your deck. If you clear away patio furniture, grills, pet crates, or anything else that might obstruct a ladder around your home, you’ll be saving your roofing company a lot of time and effort, which they can use on your roof.

After preparing the exterior of your home, it is time to move to the interior. If there is anything special or fragile in your attic, now is the time to move it to a safe location! Roofing involves a lot of walking, pounding, and hammering on top of the roof, which can easily shake a few items loose in your attic.

Finally, you’ll want to prepare a space for nervous pets or children to go during the roofing process, especially if they are sensitive to noises. The last thing that a working roofer needs is a dog nipping at their heels when coming off a ladder for their lunch break!

For more preparation tips for your roofing installation, give us a call here at Midian Roofing.