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How to Tell if You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Here at Midian Roofing, we know your business is important to you, and we want to help you do what’s best for it. Regardless of the kind of business you run, a crucial part of doing so successfully is taking care of your facilities, and that includes the roof. Our team offers a range of commercial roofing services, and we want to help you keep your facility’s roof in good shape. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to tell if you need commercial roof repair–if you notice any of these signs, we encourage you to call our team right away.

  • Damaged Flashing. The term flashing refers to the metal edge that runs around the perimeter of your flat commercial roof. If this strip becomes damaged, then you definitely need commercial roof repair, as the flashing is used to seal joints and prevent leaks.
  • Blisters or Cracks. Another sign that you need commercial roof repair is blisters or cracks forming in your roof’s surface. Bubbles and cracks form as a result of pockets of air or moisture becoming trapped between the membrane and the roof deck, and spell trouble for you if you leave them unaddressed for too long.
  • Standing Water. If water isn’t draining away from your roof after it rains but instead forming puddles of standing water that remain for several days, then you most likely need commercial roof repair. Our team will make sure that your roof is draining properly in order to prevent potential water damage or mold growth as a result of standing puddles.