Preventative Tips for Gutter Maintenance | Midian Roofing

Gutter MaintenanceThe best way to take care of your home is through scheduling routine maintenance. Keeping up on preventative cleaning and maintenance in and around your home will lead to fewer and less expensive repairs. Here are some great tips for gutter maintenance.

  1. Schedule gutter maintenance for key times of year. Fall and spring are the best times to have your gutters cleaned. Fall is when most of the leaves fall off of trees and collect in your gutters. It’s important to have them removed and cleaned before snowfall and cold temperatures. Spring is another great time to have your gutters cleaned because of all the precipitation and debris buildup over the course of the fall and winter.
  2. Pay attention to debris collecting in your gutters and check them frequently. Keep in mind that in areas where there are more trees, it is better to have gutter maintenance at least three to four times a year instead of just twice a year.
  3. After your gutters have had debris removed, pour water through them to make sure they’re draining correctly.
  4. Since cleaning gutters can be such a dangerous job, we highly recommend you let our professionals be in charge of this aspect of home maintenance. There are many accidents from falling off of ladders and roofs because homeowners are trying to keep gutters clean.
  5. Consider having gutter shields installed to reduce the amount of debris collecting in your gutters and require less frequent cleanings.

It is a lot easier to take care of your home than to try and fix issues that have been caused by long-term neglect. Make sure that you schedule gutter maintenance regularly for your home to keep it safe and clean.