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Roof Replacement in Fort Mill, South Carolina
Roof replacement can seem to be a stressful ordeal.  Your roof is what protects you and your home from the elements above, and the thought of having to replace it can seem daunting.  We do not deny that this is a big project; however, that does not mean it needs to be stressful to you at all.  Here are a few things you should expect for before, during, and after your roof replacement.

Before Roof Replacement

First you will need to have someone come and inspect your current roof to give you an estimate on the cost of replacement. This is based on size, current damage, materials, and so on.  The estimate you receive should give you a breakdown of the costs, as well as an estimated time to completion.  This gives you the benefit of knowing beforehand roughly what costs will be incurred and how long you’ll need to prepare for the construction at your home.  This may include things such as preparing your home by storing pictures or other fragile items in the home to protect them from falling during vibration, as well as preparing the exterior of the home by being sure patio furniture is removed from the pathways of construction, or trees and bushes are trimmed back as needed.  It is also requisite at this stage to be sure a roof replacement permit is acquired.  We will discuss all of this with you as we prepare you for the process.

During Roof Replacement

Sometimes a roof replacement can be a fairly straightforward affair.  However, when there is roof damage, it is not surprising to find other structural damage or problem areas underneath once the current roofing material is removed. Be prepared for such possibilities, and try to have a cushion in place in your roof repair budget for such possibilities.  Our team of workers will also take this into consideration when considering your estimate and the damage that we can see before other roofing materials are removed.  At this stage, you will also need to be prepared for the noise and vibrations during working hours as the new roofing is installed.

After Roof Replacement

This is the best part!  Take a before and after photo and see for yourself the dramatic difference your new roof makes on the curb appeal, as well as protection, of your home.  Here final payments will be made, and we can discuss any final details and the warranty policy for your new roof.  Now is the time for you to say goodbye to our installation team, and say hello to your beautiful new roof.  Take some lemonade outside, sit back, and instead of looking out over the backyard, try facing your lovely home and new roof to feel the peace of mind a beautifully installed new roof can bring.  Then recommend Midian Roofing to your friends or neighbors for their roof replacement needs.