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Some roof repairs are covered under a manufacturer or contractor’s warranty. If you can, we highly recommend filing a manufacturer/contractor claim over a homeowner’s insurance claim if your roof sustains damage and needs to be fixed.

Know that roof warranty claims are only successful if you have accurate records. After reaching out to us to help with the repair or replacement process, you should collect original copies of the following documents:

  • The original roofing estimate provided by the contractor
  • A signed copy of the roofing installation agreement
  • The warranty guarantee on the roofer’s work
  • The warranty information and documentation on the roofing materials used

You should also be familiar with any limitations placed on the warranty and the warranty on the premature degradation of roofing materials. This way, the claim can cite the actual verbiage used in the individual warranty claims.

When filing warranty claims, either with the materials manufacturer or roofing contractor, you should be prepared to submit a copy of the original warranty. Before doing this, highlight the section naming the coverage and the specific type of damage incurred. You can add further credibility to your case by taking clear photographs of the named damage.

Here at Midian Roofing, we care about helping you keep your home or business’ roof in great shape. If you need help with warranty claims or have any questions about the process, we’re here to help. Give us a call today with questions!