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Like any critical component of your home, your roof requires occasional upkeep to preserve its longevity. To help guarantee that you can enjoy your roof for as long as possible and avoid larger repair or replacement measures, here are three roof maintenance steps that you can take to keep your home’s protective shield in tip-top shape.

Three Key Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Maintain the gutters: Your gutters work hand-in-hand with your roof as an integral part of your home’s weatherproofing system. Making sure your gutters aren’t clogged will help protect your roof from bearing too much weight and allow your gutters to carry out their most essential task of diverting water and debris away from your home.
  2. Trim overhanging trees: In stormy or windy weather conditions, trees that grow over your roof can cause serious damage due to the impact and weight of falling branches. Moreover, if twigs and leaves accumulate, this can cause your roof to rot and prematurely deteriorate, as well as provide a habitat for unwelcome pests. Pruning overhanging vegetation and clearing collecting debris is an essential part of any roof maintenance routine.
  3. Inspect and repair: Examine your roof occasionally for signs of damage. Be on the lookout for loose flashing, nails, and roof bolts, as well as indications of moss or mold growth. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for shingles that are cracking, peeling, or missing.

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