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What Does Insurance Fraud Look Like in the Roofing Business?
When your roof sustains damage, there’s two people you usually contact: your insurance company to get help paying for the cost of the damage and a roofer to fix the damage. Like any insurance policy, you usually need to pay a deductible to get your insurance company to pay the rest to fix the damage. If the roofer you chose is trying to commit fraud, one of the tactics they may use is telling you that they will waive your deductible.

What this actually means is that the contractor will still invoice your insurance company for the full amount, but they’ll charge less to do the job. For example, your contractor may invoice your insurance company for $10,000 but then only charge $8,000 to do the job. And because the contractor will only be making a small amount on the roofing job, they’ll likely cut corners when it comes to workmanship and materials. As a result, you’ll be left with a roof that leaks and needs major repairs down the road.

If a roofer tells you that they’ll take care of paying your deductible, keep in mind that your home insurance policy is a contract between you (the homeowner) and your insurance company. In your policy, there is information about what each party should do after an unforeseen event that prompts a claim being filed. In your contract, it likely says that you are responsible for the deductible and what your insurer is responsible for, like exclusions, limits, and benefits. Because your contract likely says you are responsible for paying your deductible, if you do not pay your deductible after filing a claim, you are also technically committing insurance fraud, too.

If you want to file a claim with your insurance company for roofing damage, don’t fall victim to this common insurance fraud scheme. Partner with us at Midian Roofing and rest assured that we won’t inflate your estimate, tell you we will pay your deductible, or engage in any form of unscrupulous activity that could put your home and roof at risk.