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Why You Should Consider a White Reflective TPO Roof

White reflective TPO roofs are made of a roofing material that has the white membrane fully exposed. There are three parts to the white reflective TPO roof: TPO polymer base, polyester middle, and a thermoplastic layer. There is also a filler that can be made of different materials like fiber glass, talc, and carbon fiber. There are many fantastic benefits of white reflective TPO roofs. The main reasons a white reflective TPO roof is installed are:

  • Durable – The flexible membrane makes this roofing material hold up well to punctures, impacts, and tears. It is also excellent at standing up against algae, dirt, debris, and bacteria.
  • Cost – The relatively low cost of white reflective TPO roofs makes them a great option for commercial as well as residential projects.
  • Installation – The installation of a white reflective TPO roof is pretty simple due to how lightweight and flexible it is. There are fewer seams than other roofing options, which makes for quick and less expensive installation.
  • Energy Efficient – One of the biggest draws to this type of roofing material is high savings in cooling a home or commercial property. Your cooling bills will be much lower with a white reflective TPO roof.

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