5 Tips for Your Home Roof Maintenance | Midian Roofing

Roof Maintenance in Fort Mill, South Carolina

We all know that our cars or other machines begin to wear down as they age. We also know that regular maintenance can keep them lasting longer, performing better, and save us from costlier repairs in the future.  The same is true of your all-important roof.  Over time, sun and rain and other elements will begin to take their toll.  However, with some preventative roof maintenance and 6-month check-ups, you can keep your roof performing well, looking great, and lasting longer.  Here are 5 tips of things you can do to maintain your roof:

  1. Clear debris.  Wind and rain can cause debris to accumulate and saturate on our roofs and in our rain gutters.  Depending on the gradient of your roof, you can sweep or use a blower to remove debris.  Leaving debris can over time lead to algae growth, which can damage shingles.
  2. Cut back over-hanging branches from above your roof. This can prevent damage and also help cut back on problems with squirrels, raccoons, and other animals on your roof or near the chimney.
  3. Check for broken or missing shingles.  Again—the elements have a way of slowly leaving their mark.  By spotting and replacing a few shingles as needed, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and money later.   Also look for shingles that are missing granules, are curling, or have spots.
  4. Check for mold or algae.  If you see signs of either, there are roof moss cleansers that can be applied.  However, improper cleaning can also cause damage to your roof, so if you do not feel comfortable with this, call our experts, and we will happily help you with this preventative maintenance and clear the problem.
  5. Check chimney and skylights for general need of repair.  Look for cracked mortar or signs of deteriorating caulking.

Once any smaller problems have been found, it is up to you to decide your comfort level, experience, and safety concerns in addressing them.  At Midian Roofing, we are experts in roof maintenance, and we can help you with your roofing needs, big or small.  We take all aspects of safety and quality into account in providing you—and your roof—with the best care possible.  For any other questions regarding roof maintenance, give us a call, and let us see how we can assist you.