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Roof Replacement in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Hail storm damage can reduce the lifespan of your roof and create leaks that negatively impact the interior of your home. Hail damage claims are common here in South Carolina, but you may not know whether your roof needs to be fixed because of regular wear-and-tear or because of hail. Some of the common characteristics of hail damage include:

  • Seemingly random damage in odd areas throughout your roof
  • Impact roofs
  • Splits with sharp edges

Most hail damage claims are covered under standard homeowners’ insurance policies, so you should be able to recoup much (if not all) of the expense required to either repair or replace your roof because of the effects of hail. However, you need to file the claim sooner rather than later. If you notice the hail damage but don’t get around to filing a claim to fix it for a while, you might have a difficult time convincing your insurance company to cover the cost of fixing the damage later on.

Here at Midian Roofing, we make the process of filing hail damage claims simple, efficient, and hassle-free. Just let us know as soon as you think your roof has hail damage, and one of our professionals will come right over to complete a full inspection. If hail damage is the culprit, we’ll guide you through the rest of the process involved with filing a successful claim.

If you have any questions about hail damage claims, don’t hesitate to call! We’re always more than happy to help.