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Roof Repair

Whether from a big storm or just from age and regular wear and tear, the time has come when you need roof repair services. But, what should you expect when calling a roofer? And what can you expect during the repair process itself?  Here are a few things you can expect when you use Midian Roofing for your roof repair needs:

  • A written estimate. No one likes hidden costs or fees.  We put our broken-down estimate in writing and provide it to you so that you know what type of costs are going into that estimate, and so that you can feel confident when the final bill does come.
  • A professional assessment.  Before you can get a fair estimate, you first will need to have one of our contractors come out to perform an initial assessment.  Understand that not all damage can be seen at this initial assessment, and other repairs or costs may arise as they are uncovered during the actual work/repair process.
  • Timely and professional work. We understand that when work is being done on your roof, it can interrupt the regular day-to-day workings within your home. There might be some minor noise disturbances, and there will likely be some cleanup necessary as we get rid of damaged shingles, etc. We provide timely, professional work, and post-work cleanup, so that we limit the interruption to your daily life.

When you need roof repair, these are just a few things you should expect. For more information about our professional roof repair services, reach out to us today.